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How do you want to work
at Innovate Springfield?

Flexibility, professional office space, a community of people who approach problems the same way you do: you'll find all of this and so much more at Innovate Springfield. Let us be your flagship location in the heart of downtown Springfield. We have different membership types and rates to meet your needs.

We like to keep things simple here at iSPI, so every membership type includes every perk and resource that we offer.

membership types + rates.


business incubation

This is our subsidized membership for startups in the greater Springfield area. Our business incubation membership type is ideal if you're looking to execute an idea and turn it into a business, or if you're pivoting and your current model needs a refresh. Included in the cost of your monthly membership, you'll receive access to expert advisors, professional development programming, and the opportunity to receive strategy from expert advisory panels to help you grow your business. Incubated businesses are required to participate in at least three in-house professional development workshops a year and submit economic data on an annual basis. 


$100/month virtual membership

$135/month open desk

$210/month dedicated workstation



Want to work in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs but don't necessarily need incubation? You can still call Innovate Springfield your headquarters. This membership is ideal for individuals who work from home or from coffee shops but miss the office environment.  You'll receive access to advisors, professional development workshops, and strategy panels to help you grow your business. 


$175/month open desk

$260/month dedicated workstation

Private office

        $5.50/sf. On average small offices will cost $550/mo.
        medium size offices $770/mo. and large size offices $880/mo.

Investor- Applicants must be registered investors, investment bankers or individuals who are not registered as investors but can qualify



Being a student is expensive. We get it. We don't want to add to your pile of bills. To receive the benefits of student membership, you must be: 

  • working on a startup idea; and 

  • a college-aged person (18 - 23 years old) or enrolled in college or any postsecondary school (no age limit #lifelonglearning).


Like our incubating companies, you'll receive access to advisors, workshops, and mentors to help you grow your business.  




membership perks.

Membership with Innovate Springfield is pretty much the best, for all the reasons. Some of the greatest perks of being an iSPI member are:

  • Location! Location! Location! We are located in the heart of downtown Springfield, IL on the Old State Capitol Plaza and just blocks from the train station.

  • Cool Vibes. See if our cool vibes, meeting rooms, and workspaces inspire you to work at your highest level like they do for us!

  • Office Amenities. At Innovate Springfield, we've got that good WiFi, and that good copier. We also provide mail intake, shred services, and basic office supplies in a spacious workroom.

  • Community. The members that we serve are super-stars and we love coming to work with them every day. While most all of the members in our community are a team of one, when you join Innovate Springfield it feels more like a team of 101 [when you add yourself to the mix].

  • Coffee. Tea. We have Custom Cup Coffee, and Whimsy Tea Company teas flowing every day.

  • Resources + Programs. Our expert advisors and professional development programs are designed to support your personal, professional, and concept growth, regardless of where you are in your process.

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get started @ iSPI.

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