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give local this holiday.

Springfield is special for so many reasons. For our vibrant history and arts culture, for our small-town living with big-city amenities, but most of all, Springfield is special because of the diverse and brilliant people who call the capital city home. 

This giving season, we're celebrating the small businesses who call Springfield their home and who have established their headquarters at Innovate Springfield, in the heart of our community. Because when you purchase from a local business, you're supporting the local economy in a meaningful way.

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iSPI member products.

give local this holiday.

When you purchase from a local small business, you're helping to support the creation of local jobs. When you purchase from a local small business, you're creating a meaningful impact in the lives of your neighbors. When you purchase from a local small business, you're helping to bridge the equity gap for marginalized populations. When you purchase from a local small business, you're reducing your environmental impact.

When you purchase from a local small business, you're celebrating the unique characteristics of our community and the one-of-a-kind businesses that are fundamental to drawing others to our beloved Springfield. Round out your holiday gift list with unique and high-quality gifts and services from our member businesses and CO.STARTERS graduates!

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Ad Astra is opening their online gift shop with a preview of what you can expect when they open their doors! Get gift cards, purchase memberships, search for locally made artisan products, and more!

Made for the witty, rebellious, and open-hearted, Ad Astra Wine Bar and Market is the most thoughtful and inclusive wine experience available in Central Illinois. Our Bar and Market includes everything you need to craft your own custom wine experience at their table or yours.



In order to create great roasted coffee, Custom Cup only selects coffee from superior growing regions around the world, looking for the best offerings possible. By taking pride in their coffee vendors, roasting process, and freshness, you can taste the difference of a roast to order coffee in every cup. Because coffee makes an excellent gift. NOW you can purchase gift cards, totes, stickers, and Hydro Flasks to make their holiday-gift-boxes extra special! 



Bolster up those gifts baskets and stuff their stockings with fiber infused water from HelloWater! They've recently introduced  hellowater® Defense powered by CYTO +™ to eliminate toxins in your body using science. Delicious, refreshing, and good for you!

Available at: Target, Harvest Market, County Market and online.


Red Wagon Craft Co..jpg

Show them just how thoughtful you are with a handmade gift crafted right here in the heartland...or book a craft night for your family & friends! The creative forces behind The Red Wagon Craft Co. are Springfield-based educators who LOVE to craft and share their talents. They've been extra busy in the workshop crafting something for EVERYONE on your list.

Also available at The Roost!


Ramen Bowls - Anna Myszka.JPG

Klarhet Pottery specializes in creating fully customizable at-home pottery parties, classes for adults and children, and handcrafted artisan ceramics. 


Klarhet Pottery is ready to brighten your holiday with specialty mugs, ornaments, and more!


Sangamon ReclaimedHolidayShop.jpg

Custom designed and carefully handcrafted furniture pieces built for your home and office, crafted to last generations. Bring us your vision, ideas, and inspiration pictures, and together, we’ll create the piece meant for you and your home or commercial space. Imagine sitting down to your table, bar, or in front of your fireplace with a breath of pride, saying, “I designed and curated this! And it’s everything I could have dreamed of!”


The Wakery

The Wakery_Holiday Shop.jpg

Brick and mortar opening in downtown Springfield in early 2023! Enjoy their phenomenal N/A cocktails at the Winter Old Capitol Farmers Market Nov-April! Whether you're sober, sober-curious, trying to drink less, or you've finished drinking for the night, come hang out with us. We're way beyond the boring and simple sodas and bubbly water. We sling fancy cocktails with non-alcoholic spirits, serve up sober sangria, non-alcoholic beers and wines, create craft lemonades, and of course, brew amazing coffee. Grab a tasty pastry sourced from local bakers and make it an evening you'll remember tomorrow. 



Hardcore_Illinois_Mock_2022 - Patrick Russell.jpg

Reverie Apparel, locally designed, locally printed, and garments so soft it will feel like a hug from your Grandma. What better way to show off your Midwestern pride than with a t-shirt featuring Abraham Lincoln, a corndog, an ear of corn, and the date Illinois became a state. Or any other of Reverie's unique and beguiling designs!

• Our printing process is called DTG (or Direct to Garment) printing. The ink is water-based, eco-safe, dries rapidly, and will soak into your garment to become part of the shirt. Meaning, your Reverie Apparel will wear and feel like a "traditional" tee and not like a vinyl cut or iron on.


Serious Lip Balm - Holly Jolly - Serious Products.jpg

This all-natural, handmade lip balm was created by two chicks who knew there was a way to have soft lips without all the chemical nonsense. And this your chance to show your loved ones you feel the same way!


Serious Lip Balm products are handmade in Jacksonville, Illinois with incredible, all-natural ingredients and come in convenient and unisex packaging so that they can easily keep up with you and your busy life. As always, everything we make is shipped directly from our hands to yours... we hope you love it as much as we do.


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The folks at Whimsy Tea Company believe that tea is not just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. Whimsy Tea Company was founded in order to provide the highest quality of teas, herbal infusions, and tea-infused products to everyone with the utmost of convenience. They give their customers access to high quality, fair-trade teas and an entire range of health and beauty products featuring the absolute best the botanical world has to offer.  Get cozy this holiday with one of their specialty blends!


3 Cats and a Corgi.png

3 Cats & and a Corgi’s mission statement is to bring a smile to your face. To take a moment and be in the moment and just be happy. 

They offer unique and fun pet products. Custom requests are encouraged! Get matching hair accessories , keychains or face masks to match your pet!


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shop services.


iSPI member services.

give local this holiday.

When we buy local, our money stays in the local economy. Studies have shown that local businesses recirculate a greater share of every dollar as they create locally owned supply chains and invest in their employees. Data shows that local businesses return 52 percent of their revenue back into the local economy, compared to just 14 percent for national chain retailers. 


To put it another way, the money we spend locally will generate three and a half times more wealth for the local economy compared to chain-owned businesses.

CFDC-SM-PFP - Grace U.jpg

Think about all of the businesses/events you've been to. Whether it’s a business you've popped into while on vacation, a tribute band concert, a friend's business you hang out at, or the coffee shop you find yourself at on your hardest days…


Generally, you bring a piece of that business or event home with you. Why? We create and attach ourselves to our best memories. To someone out there, your business houses their best memories, and they'd love to carry that feeling of belonging with them, and their show support by wearing your merchandise.


Crimson Fox Design Co. offers highly individualized graphic design services for community-centered businesses. 



She Got The Nerve 
Coaching and Consulting

She Got The Nerve Coaching and Consulting.jpg

Tara Allbritton, M.S., is a self-image enthusiast and self-regulated professional fostering positive self-images through self-awareness, goal-setting, and identifying life purpose. She is an accomplished Keynote Speaker who provides support in the life transformation process through her D.A.N.C.E transformation process which can be used in every aspect of personal professional, and spiritual development.
Ms. Tara's formal education includes a Bachelors degree in Business and Masters degrees in counseling, psychology, and life coaching.  She also uses powerful stories supported by personal experiences, education, and continual research to connect with her audience and inspire lasting life-changes.




Offering a mobile bar and bartending service, including signature drinks and local partnerships, Just the Basics Mobile Bar is anything but basic.


You pick the drinks and they do the rest. Their beverage catering is designed to fit your event. Whether you choose to use their [adorable] new trailer, their tabletop bar services, or just their [beyond basic] bartender services - they will help make a great event easy.


Legacy Weavers.jpg

Legacy Weavers Video offers a highly personalized way of helping you to craft your story as a legacy gift to others. Creating a beautiful video to allow you to share your story with those whom you choose may seem a daunting task. With that in mind, they will take the time to help guide you through a process of selecting what it is you want to say and to whom you wish to share it. 


Lifestyle CPA.jpg

Evelyn Ivy, CPA and founder of the Lifestyle CPA offers personalized accounting and tax services for individuals and small business. Take the headache out of tax season, and leave it to The Lifestyle CPA.


img_4821 - Amy Denney.jpg

Scripture-based meditation and journaling in an easy-to-follow format allows you to explore freedom from anxiety in body, mind, and spirit one step at a time. Come to understand eight ways trauma affects you and complete easy guided exercises to heal. Released includes bonus material and suggestions for extending your healing experience.


Shine Light Therapy (and Yoga) offers natural solutions to pain and stress to help people of all ages enjoy life abundantly.


whitney deberry.png

Have you ever wondered if you need a social media strategy? The answer is Yes! A social media strategy is an essential part of any brand’s digital marketing presence. A strategy will set guidelines for how your business plans to conduct business online and achieve your goals. As a special holiday gift to you and your small business, Whitney has created a FREE downloadable social media strategy template that will take your social media to new heights!

Whitney DeBerry Virtual Solutions provides small businesses with quality social media marketing services, from strategy to execution. 


LyranLogo_Holiday Shop.jpg

Lyran Holistic Services guides people back to self care and spiritual wellness using holistic tools and 1:1 coaching.  In our professional and personal lives, it's all to common for people say they are unhappy, feel drained and have minimal time for self-care.  These attributes lead to stress, burn out, feeling lost and stuck.  These experiences can emotionally, mentally and physically loop people into a perpetuating cycle of doom. The good news is there is opportunity for change! Embracing holistic wellness for organic relief and an opportunity to improve quality of life is available to you now.  If you experience stress and anxiety, burn out, energy depletion, lack of motivation, loss of self discipline, weight gain and have a desire to change, Lyran Holistic Services is ideal for you.  Schedule your confidential appointment to reconnect back to a happier and healthier you.


Cherrybrook Photography

laura rabe.jpg

Hello! I'm Laura, the face behind the lens and lead photographer. Capturing delightful chaos, romantic love, and joyous tears, I freeze the large events, but also the moments in-between.
In 2003, I joined the United States Navy as a Photographer’s Mate in search of adventure and the desire to tell a story through photographs. While being trained in old-school film and photojournalism, I fell for the greatest story yet—capturing love.
That was fifteen years, college, and countless weddings ago.  A dream that stared with the desire to capture a story, is now a business called Cherrybrook Photography. Always learning, striving for more while appreciating the small, and always smiling—I’m thrilled to be part of a story. I hope to hear about yours!


Miller Mid-America.jpg

Miller Mid-America is a locally grown, veteran-owned business.  Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Shawn and Meghan are ready to make sure you have your insurance solutions taken care of.  Miller Mid-America specializes in personal lines (auto and home), commercial, and life insurance and are considered an independent insurance company - which means they are able to look at a wide range of insurance companies to tackle your insurance needs.  And if you need them to review your current insurance policy, please ask for an appointment.  Just follow the link to their website or call 217-718-5990!


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