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iSPI tech talks:

emerging technologies in payments, transactions, and modernized government

May 18, 2017
Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation
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Tech Topics

Three Powerful Talks - One Event

May 18, 2017
8:30 am

This year’s forum will cover introductory topics in alternative payments, payment processing, Blockchain technology and how it’s being employed in Illinois, and the confluence of how these topics affect your business and daily life.


Talk 1:


Director of Disney Financial Services, LLC

The Walt Disney Company

Disney has revolutionized the way we think about customer access and experience through the development of the Magic Band, their all-access pass to the Disney parks and hotels.  Creating alternative methods of enhancing customer experience is one of many ways Disney distinguishes itself as a leader in creative consumer engagement. Mike Redington will delve into the ideation process to drive the development of innovative financial services. The process will guide you as you explore the why behind your company's what: exploring why your company strives to create and enhance a service leads to innovative products, processes, and solutions to support your company’s goals.  

Talk 2:
Chief Product Officer in Global Retail Payments
FIS Global

Bob Legters represents the world’s largest global provider of financial technology solutions.  He will describe how companies’ enrollment decisions and consumer engagement methods keep up with rapidly changing payment technologies. You'll explore how your business can adapt its interface with clients to the benefit of both of you. In other words, how do you improve your engagement with clients so that you don’t become a taxi in a world of Uber? Bob will elaborate on how Central Illinois businesses, regardless of industry, can stay relevant in the financial technology realm.  

Talk 3:


Chief Technology Officer

Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology

The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) was formed in 2016 to create a streamlined, consistent approach to technology solutions for the State of Illinois. Modernizing government has been the top priority for CTO Wons as he has led the charge to improve government services through technology transformation and innovation programs like the Illinois Blockchain Initiative. Hear how the state is exploring the process of a distributed ledger system for many of the transactional processes, and learn about the back end of creating streamlined government services through technology.



Proudly bringing together national thought leaders


Event Sponsor

This event is made possible thanks to our friends at Illinois National Bank

About iSPI

Innovate Springfield serves as a catalyst for creating a collaborative space and community where ideas ignite, businesses incubate, and entrepreneurs innovate. Convening the community to learn about and discuss leading edge ideas is just one of the many ways we achieve our mission. 

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