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Innovate Springfield 

Preview Day 

November 17, 2016
Doors Open at 4:30
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
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What is Preview Day?

Innovate Springfield is excited to announce its first ever preview day!

Preview day gives members the opportunity to tell their story to potential investors and clients while building their network.  

meet the entrepreneurs 

Brent and Kendra Boesdorfer, Custom Cup Coffee

Brent and Kendra own and operate a microroastery turned micro coffee shop just around the corner form Innovate Springfield. Together they are crafting small batch, custom, and roast to order coffee in the heart of Springfield.   

Alaina Beaird and Nabih Elhajj, Shoutbuddy

Shoutbuddy believes in the power of inspiring innovation through telling the stories of our local entrepreneurs.

Eric Broughton, FitTube

Eric Broughton is the Founder of FitTube, a social fitness platform with live work outs and user created
fitness content.

Thomas Clatterbuck, Red Ox Assessment Management

Elementary school teachers collect a lot of data on students that is widely underutilized. Red Ox Assessment Management seeks to let the data become more readily available and usable for teachers and administrators for things like early intervention.

Elizabeth Farrar, Speakeasy Language House

Speakeasy Language house will serve as a cultural gateway for people visiting Springfield from other countries and for those who'd like to explore other cultures. At Speakeasy Language house, the table is set for improving cultural competencies.  

Barnabas Helmy, Smashtoast

Through a device called a Puck, Barnabas Helmy seeks to rid the world of remote controls by turning your phone into the remote. With a Puck, you can control your life with the simplicity of one app. 

Josh Hester, The Storyteller Studios

The Storyteller Studios is an Emmy-nominated video production company specializing in video for special events, websites and social media. Founder and executive producer Josh Hester launched Storyteller in 2013 in hopes of extending his background and training in documentary film to the business world. 

Alexis Jones, PeaceTees

Alexis created PeaceTees as a way to connect with her young son in a special way through apparel. Kids LOVE for their clothes to match their parents' clothes. The feeling isn't always mutual. Alexis is developing a line that will help.

Rebecca Knobloch, Eat4Half

An app catered to benefit both local restaurants and consumers. Providing reoccurring monthly income to the restaurant and half off meals to the consumer at their favorite restaurants.

Josh Renken, Practicewater

Josh Renken, DDS started Practicewater because he believes that dental professionals can return to serving people while improving their profit margins. 


Rolling Meadows Brewery

Recent winners of the 2016 Good Food Award, Rolling Meadows Brewery began as an appreciation of good beer and a desire to create a fine product utilizing the abundance of natural resources on their family farm.


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Interested in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem? 

Or just curious about what we're doing at iSPI? Request a ticket to attend the event by shooting us an email at   

Still not sure about what the heck we're doing?
First, breathe. Then give us a call and we'll talk you through it. 
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