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Social Innovation at iSPI

January 5, 2017
by Nadia Gronkowski, iSPI Social Innovation Program Coordinator

In October 2016, I was thrilled to join the Innovate Springfield team to head up its Social Innovation Program.  Since then, I’ve been asked: what is social innovation, and how will it benefit the Springfield community? 


Social innovation is a field that produces new, more effective, more creative solutions to social problems.  It is distinct from social entrepreneurship -- when a for-profit business aligns its mission with solving social problems or benefiting social causes --  in that it focuses on supporting non-profits and agencies that serve others.  

The Rise of Clickwrap Agreements & How They Affect All New Businesses

January 1, 2017
by Chuck Davis and David Henessey, Attorneys at Brown, Hay, & Stephens

Whenever we make purchases online, download apps, or even create a fantasy football team, we agree to contracts. By clicking yes/ok/accept in a site or app, you agree to enforceable contractual terms known as a clickwrap agreement. When creating a website or app, it’s easy to for entrepreneurs to overlook these contractual agreements, but they are important to consider.

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